Transfer mould


Veneta Stampi specializes in Transfer Moulds.
The transfer mold immediately detaches the piece still to be transformed from the belt and transfers the blank to the subsequent steps thanks to manipulators or transfer bars, with two or three axes, synchronized with the vertical movement of the press, extracting the finished piece from the mold in the last step.

This type of mold is made to produce, for example, details that have specific technical and aesthetic requests, such as edges and perimeters free from any type of sign.
The transfer mold is also used to simplify the creation of pieces that are complex and difficult to make with other types of molds such as step blanking, progressive blanking, etc.

The advantages of transfer molds are many:
Technicians: because the production cycle is simplified
Economic: because additional subsequent processing can be avoided
Management: very low maintenance cost.

Veneta Stampi, thanks to its latest generation machinery, is able to perform these processes:
Up to 4 mm sheet thickness
Up to 5,000 mm in length
Up to 1,500 mm in height
Up to 2,400 mm wide
Up to 40,000kg