Transfer molds


Venesta Stampi specializes in Transfer Molds.
It is a mold for shearing and deformation that uses integrated external systems for transferring the piece (called transfer) along the various passages of the mold.

This type of mold is made to produce, for example, parts that have specific technical and aesthetic requests, such as edges and perimeters free of any type of sign.
The transfer mold is also used to simplify the realization of the pieces which are complex and difficult to do with other types of molds such as step cutting, progressive cutting, etc.

The advantages of transfer molds are manifold:
Technicians: because the production cycle is simplified
Cheap: because you can avoid subsequent additional processing
Management: very low maintenance cost.

Veneta Stampi, thanks to its latest generation machinery, is able to perform these processes:
Up to 4 mm thick sheet metal
Up to 5,000 mm in length
Up to 1,500 mm in height
Up to 2,400 mm wide
Up to 40,000 kg