Step molds

Veneta Stampi

Veneta Stampi specializes in the construction and design of step molds.

The peculiar characteristic of the progressive molds is that at each press stroke one or more finished pieces are obtained depending on whether the mold is of one impression or multi-impression while the number of operations that determines the length of the mold and the number of steps is dictated by the geometry and complexity of the piece.

The blanking, drawing, mixed and progressive machining, the construction of equipment and molding made by Veneta Stampi were imposed for the superiority of the quality standards, for the precision of the results, for the company’s operational flexibility. It is a reliability that arises from the design stages, in which the customer’s indications are translated by the technical staff into information products with CAD / CAM procedure.

The step molds that we can make come up to these dimensions:
– Up to 5 mm thick metal sheet
– Up to 4.000 mm length
– Up to 1.500 mm high
– Up to 2.400 mm width
– Up to 30.000 kg