State-of-the-art machine park

Veneta Stampi

Since 1971, the year of foundation, Veneta Stampi srl has always been characterized by the continuous evolution of its machinery, which has allowed the company to guarantee the customer products of the highest quality, becoming a direct and qualified supplier of the main world producers in the automotive sector.

In recent years, the continuous investments by Veneta Stampi have concerned:

– Press of 2.000 t (Gigant) with a table of 4.500×2.500 mm.
– FPT DINO TXT cutter 2.800×1.600xh800 mm
– Rambaudi high speed portal cutter of 6.000×2.500 mm.
– Equipping metrology with a mobile Hexagon camera
– FPT Dinomax cutter with mobile portal 6.000×3.200×1.500 mm.
– Infill press (Nava) with a table of 2.500×1.700 mm
– OMV Shark high speed milling machine with fixed bed and mobile uprights 3.000×1.200×1.600 mm
– Ronin Evo high precision FPT milling machine with mobile uprights 8.000×1.500×2.500 mm, both are Industrie 4.0.
– Prima Industrie Rapid 3D laser
– Alfpha Laser laser welding plant.