Latest generation machinery


The quality of Veneta Stampi products is guaranteed by the constantly updated and avant-garde machinery.
Combined with the experience and specialization of our technicians, it allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

Among the most recent machines installed in our company there are:

3D Rapid Laser by Prima Industrie , a machine characterized by ease of configuration and production changes in laser cutting and welding that allows it to operate in a vast range of 3D sheet metal and welding laser cutting applications.

Alfpha Laser laser welding plant , which uses thermal impulses with very high power density. By varying the intensity of the heat source it is possible to obtain different types of welds. It is the optimal technology for attaching material parts, correcting imperfections in metal plates or in molds, and repairing small manufacturing or wear defects. The results are unique in terms of precision and efficiency.