Cold working of the sheet


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Veneta Stampi SRL is specialized in the design and construction of dies for cold working of sheet metal. The activity is carried out on over 10,000 m² of covered surface and the production of molds, up to 40 t, is aimed at various product sectors, in particular, the major European car manufacturers.
Our complete service from design to final assembly allows us a full guarantee of quality and flexible reactions to our customers’ requests, above all thanks to the implementation of its business with presses up to 2000 t, with a laser cutting and laser welding department.

What is cold forming
Sheet metal stamping is the set of operations carried out starting from a flat sheet of laminated metal, to create shapes and formations, in order to give the sheet a desired shape, imprinting it with permanent deformations (taking the example made just above, we think of the doors and other parts of the bodywork of the machines). In this process, the material is deformed beyond the point of elastic resistance, but is not pushed beyond the breaking point.

Cold stamping is the key to obtaining high quality mechanical components , also because it does not involve structural changes in the metal, which therefore maintains its mechanical and resistance characteristics.

The cold molding technique has numerous advantages over other techniques used for similar purposes. Thanks to it, in fact, it is possible to obtain a finished product with a lot of speed , with a almost finished shaping (which therefore will not involve secondary processing), of great precision dimensional and with a excellent surface finish . It also allows you to minimize the waste of raw material, as well as improve the mechanical characteristics of the finished product.