Deep drawing


“Drawing” is a metalworking process that involves deforming a sheet or piece of metal using a press or other type of machine to obtain a three-dimensional shape or cavity. This process is used in a wide range of industrial applications to produce metal components with specific shapes.

During the drawing process, a piece of metal is placed in a die or die and a compressive force is applied to the surface of the metal using a hydraulic press or mechanical press. This force causes the metal to deform, pushing it into the desired shape. The shape of the die determines the final shape of the drawn piece.

Deep drawing is commonly used to produce parts such as vehicle bodies, metal cans, cookware, sinks, and many other products that require a concave or convex shape. This process is prized for its ability to produce complex parts with good dimensional accuracy.

Drawing can be performed hot or cold, depending on the properties of the metal and the specifications of the piece to be produced. When cold drawn, the sheet metal is deformed at room temperature or slightly heated, while in hot drawing, the metal is heated to high temperatures before being deformed.