The connection between Client benefits and economy


Veneta Stampi SRL is a traditional innovative company, which grows in a sustainable way, consolidates its central position in the industrial value chain and thus offers its Clients the best results. Since its foundation in 1971 the company has constantly developed setting new standards and keeping pace with the changes that shape the vision of the industrial world.

Its growth bases on continuous investments in technological innovation of production processes through sophisticated machinery that meet the requirements of “Industry 4.0” and “smart factory”, on a strong Client focus and on a strong global presence. Veneta Stampi SRL will continue to expand its strengths in the future in order to guarantee its continuous business success.

Veneta Stampi SRL means:

Veneta Stampi SRL sta per:

– Experience and reliability
– Research and development
– Fast execution and flexibility
– Execution of overall processes
– Know-how and knowledge transfer
– Growth and internationalization